Megan Willis

Some girlfriends organised this class as part of my hens weekend and it was fabulous. Francesca and Maria are great hosts and teachers and were very accommodating of the two women in our group that cannot eat gluten - making sure they could still make and eat the entire menu. I particularly loved that it's very 'homestyle food' - things that you can easily recreate at home for friends and family.

Nicola Tedesco

Great team of Italian food enthusiasts.
Loved the time with them and the atmosphere created in the group
Keep up with the great job!

Carmen Thorp

"We had such a fun time, met lovely ladies and learnt so much. Thank you ladies!"

Gerta Satkeviciute

"Really enjoyed my time with those two super sweet lady's! ☺️
The recipes that seemed impossible before, became real easy after the class!
Thank you, thank you thank you!!!"

Nikki Ramezani

"I love joining their classes. I always look forward to the next time I can attend. The class is very welcoming and informative with new exciting menus each class. I love their classes also because I know that I'm for sure learning an authentic Italian recipe."

Rachel De Weerd Aanstoot


"In stead of standing in the kitchen myself, we asked the ladies from Cooking@home to come to our home and cook the dinner for us and our guests. It was a amazing experience and the food was just The Best!!! We could help with making the pasta, even the toddlers helped out. 
The atmosphere was so good! 
If you have a dinner party coming up, please do not hesitate and book the ladies Francesca and Christina. You will not be disappointed."

Maisaa Meqdadi

"Super wonderful class and beautiful Francesca and Cristina."

Rose Schark

Really fantastic and fun class with great recipes! Great thing is there is a cooking station for each couple so plenty of hands on experience.