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The Italian spirit expresses itself around a table. We love eating together and socializing with food at the centre. From the aperitif with finger-food to informal lunch and dinners, romantic celebrations or birthday parties, I invite you to do it the Italian way! The Cooking@home mission is to share and teach authentic Italian recipes and cuisine.


Still not convinced? Here are four reasons why everybody should cook Italian the we do:

  • It's fast: who said that great cooking means hard work? Sometimes even the easiest recipes are the tastiest.
  • It's fresh: the recipes are the genuine Italian cooking kind, mouth-watering and enjoyable on any occasion! What’s the secret of being so good? The fresh ingredients and the little tips and tricks used.
  • It's healthy: dishes are made from scratch; the ingredients are seasonal and bought fresh from the best suppliers.
  • It's affordable: the recipes are reasonably priced. You’ll be satisfied without having to spend a fortune!


  • Regular classes: preview the menu and then watch and learn. Includes recipes, coffee, water and a healthy tasting of each dish. 
  • Private classes: choose the menu from my recipes list. We'll work together to create tasteful dishes and then enjoy our meals.
  • Hands on classes: provide students with chance to work with me and prepare the dishes themselves, and enjoy eating them too. 
  • Gift voucher: available only for private classes, valid for use for 3 months from the date of purchase.
  • Chef @ home service
  • Collaboration: partnering in projects with specialty food brands.
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My name is Francesca I’m from Cuneo, Piemonte Region. When I was nineteen I moved to Emilia Romagna for university and then to Veneto for love, where I used to manage cultural events. Eventually, in 2011, I reached my husband in Dubai and here I started a new life doing what I really like: cooking! All what I know it’s thanks to my grand mother, I used to watch, and sometimes help, her when she was preparing lunch for all the family on Sundays. That’s why I teach home cooking and I’m proud to share what I know with all the people in love with Italian food.



Here a few the incredible brands I had the chance to work with! Wether I create specialty recipes using your product, or showcase your ingredients in a unique way during our demonstrations, the options to collaborate are endless.